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Parks & Recreation Board


The Parks and Recreation Board was established in June of 1965 as the first step in developing a parks and recreation department to serve the citizens of Wentzville.

This volunteer advisory group to the Board of Aldermen, Mayor and Director of Parks and Recreation serves as a sounding board by holding public meetings and exercising influence throughout the City to improve and expand recreational opportunities. The Park Board acts in an advisory role and provides the citizen perspective to the professional staff in all matters relating to the operation and maintenance of the city park system. The members of the board are actively involved in the process of developing future parkland and amenities. Members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Aldermen for a three-year term. Positions may be reappointed by the Mayor once their term has expired.


Park BoardWardTerm
Gloria Ehll (President)2June 2025
Holly VanGundy (Vice President)2June 2023
Jeremy Wolfmeyer3June 2024
Stacey Decker3June 2024
Peggy Meyer2June 2025
Nicole Foley2June 2025
Chrissi Blake2June 2026
Rob Swanson1June 2025
Michael Lovell (Alderman Liaison)3

Citizens who desire to serve on the Parks and Recreation Board may apply by completing the Boards and Commissions Application. For more information or assistance, contact the City Clerk’s office at (636) 327-5101.


The Park Board meets the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, 1001 Schroeder Creek Blvd. The meetings are open to the public. Sometimes it is necessary to deviate from this schedule. Please see the City Calendar for the most accurate schedule.