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Plot Plan Review & Yard Inspections

The Engineering, Public Works, and Community Development Department established the yard inspection program for all finished residential yards in the City of Wentzville.  This program was instituted to address problems with respect to infrastructure and drainage through yards and is associated with the lot deposit requirements found in Chapter 410 of the Municipal Code.  Prior to the construction of the home/building, the Engineering Division is involved in review of the plot plans for the Building Division.  After construction of the home/building is complete, the Engineering Division in coordination with the Community Development Department’s final occupancy inspection will conduct a final yard inspection of the public improvements associated with the individual lot.

To assist builders in understanding the minimum criteria for acceptable plot plans and yard inspections, the current checklists used by city staff during review are provided below. Also, to assist surveyors performing as-built surveys for the drainage Emergency Relief System, the Engineering Division has provided below the Elevation As-Built Certificate form in addition to examples for providing the minimum required information.

Important: All Plot Plans must utilize the City of Wentzville Notes provided below.

Builder Resources

Drainage Emergency Relief System (ERS)