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City Clerk


The City Clerk prepares and maintains the agendas and minutes of Board of Aldermen proceedings, recording and filing official City records, certifying and issuing official documents, filing official notices and advertisements and posting public notices as required by law. The City Clerk accepts filing for candidacy in City elections, officially swears in public officials and certain public employees for public office. The City Clerk’s Office offers notary public services and maintains the subdivision trustee database. The City Clerk is also responsible for public records requests, as well as the licenses and permits shown below. 

The City Clerk is responsible for the following licenses and permits:

  • Business License – Chapter 605 of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book
  • Home Based Business – Section 405.460 (Home Occupations) of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book 
  • Liquor License –  Chapter 600 Article l – In General and Chapter 600 Article II – Licenses of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book
  • Solicitors License – Chapter 610 of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book
  • Mechanical Amusement Centers – Chapter 625 of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book
  • Tattoo, Branding and Body Piercing – Chapter 650 of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book
  • Yard/Garage Sale Sign – Chapter 653 of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book
  • Adult Business – Chapter 630 of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book
  • Pawnbrokers – Chapter 635 of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book
  • Payday Loan and Title Loan Businesses – Chapter 645 of the Wentzville Municipal Code Book

Workmanship, Siding Repairs and Water Resistive Barriers

Resolution No. 23-1953 is a Resolution of the City of Wentzville, Missouri, Regarding the Policy of the City of Wentzville, Missouri, on Workmanship, Siding Repairs, and Water Resistive Barriers in Accordance with the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) and the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC)

April 2, 2024, Election Candidates

MayorFour-Year TermNickolas Nick Guccione
Alderman, Ward OneTwo-Year TermManny Macias
Alderman, Ward TwoTwo-Year TermJordan Broviak
Alderman, Ward ThreeTwo-Year TermMichael (Mike) Hays