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Fines Payable Out of Court

If you receive a citation and the violation is listed below you may pay it out of court. If you choose to appear in court the judge may assess a fine other than what is listed below. All fines listed include the court costs. Court costs are assessed whether you appear in court or not.

Effective June 2, 2021

Part 1. 11th Judicial Circuit Court, St. Charles County, Missour Municipal Division City of Wentzville Uniform Moving Traffic Violation Schedule

Speeding in accident safe zone$10.50 for every mile over + $31.50 court costs
Speeding in a construction zone$10.50 for every mile over + $31.50 court costs
Speeding in a school zone$10.50 for every mile over + $31.50 court costs
Speeding1 – 5 mph  $50.50 + $31.50 Court Costs

6 – 10 mph  $60.50+ $31.50 Court Costs

11 – 15 mph  $70.50+ $31.50 Court Costs

16 – 19 mph  $100.50+ $31.50 Court Costs

20 – 25 mph  $155.50+ $31.50 Court Costs
Any moving violation occurring in the Accident Safe ZoneFine is doubled + Court costs  of $31.50- Please call the Court’s for a total
FineCourt CostsTotal Fine/Costs
Minimum Speed Law$60.50$31.50$92.00
Operating a Vehicle with Defective Equipment$50.50$31.50$82.00
Operating a Vehicle without a License Plate Light$50.50$31.50$82.00
Expired Driver’s License$50.50$31.50$82.00
Operating a Vehicle without Taillights / Headlights / Brake Lights$50.50$31.50$82.00
Operating Bicycle without Brakes / Lights$70.50$31.50$102.00
Driving Without Headlights after Dusk$50.50$31.50$82.00
Disobey Stop Sign / Electric Light$60.50$31.50$92.00
Excessive Acceleration$70.50$31.50$102.00
Failure to Drive in a Single Lane$60.50$31.50$92.00
Failure to Signal When Turning / Changing Lanes$60.50$31.50$92.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way$60.50$31.50$92.00
Failure to Stop/Yield to Emergency Vehicle$80.50$31.50$112.00
Following Too Close$60.50$31.50$92.00
Impeding Flow of Traffic$50.50$31.50$82.00
Obstructing the Flow of Traffic$50.50$31.50$82.00
Improper Backing$60.50$31.50$92.00
Improper Passing$130.50$31.50$162.00
Improper Start from Stop$70.50$31.50$102.00
Improper Turn / U Turn$60.50$31.50$92.00
Leaving Roadway by Cutting Corners$60.50$31.50$92.00
Operating a Vehicle with Damaged Windshield$50.50$31.50$82.00
Operating ATV on Roadway$50.50$31.50$82.00
Wrong Side of Roadway$60.50$31.50$92.00
Wrong Way on a One Way Street$60.50$31.50$92.00
Improper Lane Use$60.50$31.50$92.00
Failure to Cover Load$75.50$31.50$107.00
Failure to Secure Load$75.50$31.50$107.00
Failure to Provide Proof of Vehicle Insurance$100.50$31.50$132.00
Failure to Stop for School Bus$130.50$31.50$162.00

Part II. 11th Judicial Circuit Court, St. Charles County, Missour Municipal Division City of Wentzville Uniform Non-Moving Traffic Violation Schedule

FineCourt CostsTotal Fine/Costs
Failure to Wear a Seat Belt$10.00$10.00
Transporting a Child without a Child Restraint Seat$49.50$31.50$81.00
Displaying Altered License Plates / Another Vehicle$50.50$31.50$82.00
Expired Temporary Tags / Expired License Plates$50.50$31.50$82.00
Failure to Affix Tabs to License Plates$50.50$31.50$82.00
Failure to Display License Plates$50.50$31.50$82.00
Failure to Register Vehicle$50.50$31.50$82.00
Derelict Vehicle / Abandoned Vehicle$50.50$31.50$82.00
Improper Parking$15.50$31.50$47.00
Improper Parking – Mail Box$50.50$31.50$82.00
No Front License Plate$50.50$31.50$82.00
No Vehicle Inspection$50.50$31.50$82.00
Obscured License Plate$50.50$31.50$82.00
Parking on Grass$50.50$31.50$82.00
Violation of Off Street Parking$50.50$31.50$82.00
Excessive Vehicle Noise / Spinning Tires / Faulty Muffler$50.50$31.50$82.00
Expired Inspection Sticker$50.50$31.50$82.00
Failure to Dim Lights$50.50$31.50$82.00
No Clear Vision of Roadway$50.50$31.50$82.00
Not Motorcycle Qualified / No Helmet$25.00$25.00
Parking in a Handicapped Space / Fire Lane$100.50$31.50$132.00
Unlawful Access to a Controlled Roadway$100.50$31.50$132.00

Part III. 11th Judicial Circuit Court, St. Charles County, Missouri Municipal Division City of Wentzville Ordinance Violation Schedule

FineCourt CostTotal Fine/Court Cost
Failure to Appear$100.50$34.50$132.00

All citations listed are payable out of Court; except when an Accident or Injury has occurred.