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Publications & Resources
Miscellaneous Resources:
Bush Honeysuckle MDC Fact Sheet

Cattail Control Methods
Draining Your Swimming Pool
Stormwater Pollution Flyer
How to Identify Stormwater Pollution
Litter Fact Sheet
Native Landscaping Manual
Native Plants for Your Landscape
Rain Garden Guide
Protecting Water Quality: French Drains
Protecting Water Quality: Rain Gardens
Storm Drain Marking
Stream Care Guide
Subdivision Trustee Resource Guidebook

Learning about stormwater – where it flows, how it becomes polluted, and how to prevent stormwater pollution – is fundamental to understanding our local water resources. Here are some helpful links.  

Already have something in the works at your school? We’d love to hear about your activities or projects that are helping improve water quality in Wentzville. Submit your success story online

Events Around Town

Tap into local events and training opportunities!

Events Calendar

EnviroScape® Watershed Model

Ecology, water cycle, natural resources and human impacts on the environment can all be taught using this 3-D interactive watershed model!  With city staff training, this model can be loaned for use at your school or event. Call the Stormwater Division at (636) 327-5102.

  • Explore different land uses, their unique functions and values.
  • Explore how stormwater runoff carries pollutants through the watershed to a lake, stream or river  – and the best management practices to prevent this type of pollution from occurring.
  • Demonstrate how restoring and constructing wetlands can improve natural resources and manage stormwater, reducing flooding and pollution.

St. Louis Regional Envirothon for High Schools

High-school students are invited to register as a team to participate in the St. Louis Regional Envirothon Competition, sponsored by the St. Charles Soil & Water Conservation District in partnership with the City of Wentzville and the Missouri Department of Conservation. Teams compete at the regional, state and international level and are eligible for scholarships.

It’s fun! 
Students and coaches receive hands-on trainings, STEM and field ecology experiences in state parks and conservation areas, access to career resources, and work directly with professionals to find solutions to address complex real-world resource management issues in these topics:

  • Aquatics
  • Current Issue: 
  • Forestry
  • Soils
  • Wildlife

Start a Team! It’s Easy!
Teams consist of five students with one alternate. Each team needs a designated coach which could be a teacher, parent, club leader or school administrator.
Ask an advisor about how to start a team today!
For info, call (636) 922-2833, ext. 3.

St. Louis Regional Envirothon (Brochure)
Missouri State Envirothon
International Envirothon

Speaker’s Bureau

Wentzville area professionals are available as resources, or for classroom or event presentations: 

Speakers Bureau

Educational Links