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Occupancy Requirements


The following are residential and commercial occupancy requirements for moving into the City of Wentzville. This should be informational to new, current and prospective residents/business owners and for real estate agents representing their clients. To request a residential occupancy inspection please use the link under Renting or Leasing a Property.

Residential Occupancy Requirements

Buying a Newly Constructed House

All occupancies are obtained by the builder as part of their construction permit. New buyers can set up their water, trash and sewer accounts by calling (636) 327-5101. There is a deposit required for all new accounts. The amount of the deposit is based upon the area of the City and the services provided.

Buying or Selling a House

There is no occupancy inspection required by the City when selling a house. If the house is going to be leased or rented an occupancy inspection will be required before a tenant may occupy the house. 

Renting or leasing a Property

Every time there is a resident change at a residential property address, a City occupancy inspection is required. The City does not stipulate whether the landlord or renter is responsible for requesting the inspection. The inspection must be completed and passed before an occupant can move into the property. The fee for the Occupancy Inspection is $50.00 and is valid for 90 days. To request a residential occupancy inspection please fill out the Residential Occupancy Permit Application or call  (636) 327-5101.

See the Residential Occupancy Inspection Checklist to view the items that will be inspected. Generally, after the residential occupancy inspection is paid for, it can be scheduled within one to two business days.

Certificate of Occupancy

A certificate of occupancy can be used to show proof that the property has had the required occupancy inspection and can be inhabitable.  If you need to request a copy of the most current approved Certificate of Occupancy for a residential or commercial property fill out the Certificate of Occupancy Request Form.  (Do not use this link to request an inspection)


The City requires a Commercial Occupancy Permit and Business License for all businesses to verify their conformance to building code standards, land use requirements and adopted City ordinances.
To expedite your application process, several departments will coordinate their efforts from your submittal.

  • The City Clerk will verify taxes, licensing, workers compensation, and any debts owed to the city.
  • The Planning Department will verify land use and zoning requirements.
  • The Water Department will verify backflow prevention and usage information.
  • The Building Department will verify compliance with codes through inspection and plan review.
  • The Police Department will verify security information for your site.
  • The Engineering Department may need to review sites for storm water management, utility connections, etc.

Commercial Occupancies are required any time a property is changing occupants or when the business is changing ownership. It is required whether the property is being purchased or leased/rented. Please see the Commercial Occupancy and Business License Guide below.