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Property Drainage

Property owners often wonder how to best manage drainage, if the infrastructure is blocked, or why there’s water in the street or yard swales. The City offers a variety of resources and technical assistance for yard drainage. 

When to Call

Similar to the region, the City’s piped storm infrastructure manages up to a 15-year, 20-minute storm event.  When heavy, intense rainfall amounts exceeded that design standard, it is an expected and planned part of the system for most yard swales and streets to provide overland flow relief to help keep drainage away from home foundations (as shown in the photo). 

If water does not recede within an hour or so after heavy rain, or if surface water affects your home or parked vehicle, please access the Customer Concern Center to route concerns efficiently to the appropriate staff.  

Remember – safety first! Use caution driving through flooded areas. The City can unblock storm drains and subdivision basin outfalls and investigate stormwater issues that may be public problems, such as:

  • Public storm infrastructure maintenance;
  • Standing water (72 hrs or longer) that cannot be resolved with finish grading;
  • Issues causing a potential for loss of life or damage to public infrastructures or buildings;
  • Conflict with emergency access;
  • Potential for high-risk stream bank erosion on multiple properties; or
  • Potential for water quality degradation. Learn how to identify and report pollution.

If you have a public concern, please contact the City’s Customer Service Center

logo of Landscapes for Rain

Get inspired on your own property or common grounds!  Check out these local projects make use of important water resources and even help resolve nuisances and maintenance issues.

Public vs. Private Responsibility

The City of Wentzville owns and maintains all public infrastructure (i.e. pipes, inlets, manholes, etc.) dedicated by the Board of Aldermen, within easements. Easements are typically on private property and granted for constructing and maintaining the improvements. Generally, property maintenance above and around public infrastructure is a private matter unless caused by a public infrastructure deficiency.

Per City ordinance and state law, the City only maintains public infrastructure, and cannot undertake drainage improvements on private property, unless an easement exists for public infrastructure. Generally, the following are privately owned and maintained, unless part of dedicated public infrastructure, or when an executed agreement otherwise obligates the City with responsibilities:

  • Driveway culverts and approaches in the right-of-way   (Policy)
  • Drainage across private property
  • Drainage improvements such as French drains, gutter and sump pump extensions, rain gardens
  • Common grounds
  • Detention, retention and water quality facilities 
  • Streams, stream banks, and floodplains
  • Mitigation Areas

Record plats and subdivision covenants may outline responsibilities or restrictions, such as grounds maintenance, drainage, debris and vegetation management, or pollution prevention. Annual inspections and maintenance by property owners are recommended to ensure proper function. 

Tips for Drainage on Your Property

  • Make sure the ground and downspouts slope away from foundations.
  • Keep fencing slightly above drainage areas, rather than at ground level.
  • Ensure yard drainage is not diverted or blocked (by patios, pools, planters, sheds).
  • Routinely inspect and remove debris such as leaves from stormwater structures.

Standing Water

If your home is new, your developer may help resolve finish grading issues. If not, here are options to manage problematic areas:


If water is causing erosion, feel free to contact us to help determine the source and recommend solutions.

Detention & Retention Basins

Collectively, there are more than 300 stormwater facilities in Wentzville that help manage over 13 billion gallons of rainfall received, providing flood protection and improving water quality in accordance with state and federal laws.

Learn more about Stormwater Facilities, including:

  • Types of facilities
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Online Inspection Portal

A Note about Buying Property

It pays to do research before buying property, since you may be financially responsible for drainage or erosion issues. The City Public Works and Community Development departments are available to assist you with any questions. Please contact the Customer Service Center. The St. Charles County Soil & Water Conservation District also has free soil surveys and offers technical assistance; call (636) 922-2833.

Make Your Home a Solution to Pollution!

Click here to learn more about making your home a solution for pollution!

Stormwater Projects
The City of Wentzville provides stormwater management to meet the needs of our residents and customers. Safe and clean streams and lakes, and flood control are a few of the goals we achieve for the community.

Current Projects

Victoria Park Ave. Stormwater Improvements

Project Description:
This project upsizes several single curb inlets to double curb inlets, adds a trench drain and a small section of pipe to help reduce street ponding during heavy storms.

Project Updates:
Construction begins in June with expected completion around Aug. 14, 2023. Stonemoor residents should expect minor traffic delays. At times one lane will shut down near the work zone with some detours during certain parts of the project. Once those dates become clearer, this will be updated. Victoria Park Ave. Storm Evaluation IMG_8518

For questions about this project, please contact Steve Watson, Construction Inspector at (636) 639-2153.

ARPA Projects
Federally-funded projects across the historic downtown area will replace or rehabilitate deteriorated pipes and make improvements to system capacity and maintenance access. Design to begin in summer 2023. (6/10/2023)

                    ARPA Stormwater Projects - 602 E Pitman

Completed Projects

Citywide Hydrologic Assessment Pearce Blvd. Stormwater Pipe Replacements
2022 City Boundary & Streams CMP 3
As part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan goals, and with state DNR grant funding, hydrologic modeling helped to evaluate current and future ‘built-out’ stormwater management needs and impacts on stream channels. (1/2023) Repair work included replacing a deteriorated
storm line and infrastructure in the vicinity of
102 E. Pearce Blvd. Deteriorated stormwater Pipes were replaced near Cheryl Ann Dr. and Carr St. (Summer 2022)

Heartland Park Brian Ct. Utility Stabilization, Phase II
P1010826 011
Pervious pavement, athletic field biofilters, a native meadow, and parking lot bioswales help filter pollutants from runoff before it gets to the park’s seven-acre lake. The lake forebay traps mud and trash coming with runoff from 500 acres of development along I-70 and Wentzville Pkwy.

Learn More

 Construction is complete with composite revetments, grade controls and sanitary line encasement to stabilize infrastructure compromised by eroding creek banks.