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Public Notices

Planning Division Public Notices

Wentzville’s public hearing notices make it easy to get information about upcoming public hearings! These signs are posted on properties throughout Wentzville to announce public hearings for a variety of proposed City projects and developments.  Each sign includes the time and date of the public hearing and a QR code that residents and business owners can scan with a mobile device to view public notices, meeting schedules and agendas.

Each sign also uses specific letter-color combinations to indicate the type of project that is being reviewed. Residents and business owners can use these letter-color combos to identify the proposed developments taking place throughout the community. Learn more about these letter-color combinations below.

View the current public hearing notices, or call (636) 639-2032 for more information. To submit a Comment Form on a Planning application’s Public Hearing complete the online form at

Color/LetterProject Type
Orange signs with a “Z”Zoning and Re-zoning
Blue signs with a “C”Conditional Use Permits
Green signs with a “V”Variance Applications
Yellow signs with a “P”Public Hearings