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Planning & Zoning Commission


The Planning and Zoning Commission is a nine member body, consisting of seven permanent members and three alternate members which are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of Aldermen. The remaining two members are the Mayor and a member of the Board of Aldermen and an Aldermen alternate.


“Do it! I was worried that my opinions might not be relevant when I first started, but for this city to continue to work, everyone’s perspective matters, so you should add yours.”

Tim Bubenik


Planning & Zoning CommissionWardTerm Expires
Jeff Hackman – Chairman26/2025
Mark Dalton16/2026
Jay Webber16/2024
Bob Schmidt – Vice-Chairman26/2026
Jason Jacobs26/2024
Matt Fogarty16/2024
Collin Greene31/2026
Frank Martell21/2026
Timothy Bubenik – Alternate310/2024
Thomas Schrautemeier – Alternate26/2027
Brandon Willis – Alternate36/2027
Ald. Mike Hays34/2024
Ald. Robert Hussey – Alternate34/2024
Mayor Nick Guccione

Citizens who desire to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission may apply by completing the Boards and Commissions Application. For more information or assistance, contact the City Clerk’s office at (636) 327-5101.


The Planning and Zoning Commission meets on the first Tuesday of each month (with some exceptions dependent upon Board Room availability) in the City Hall Board Chambers, 1001 Schroeder Creek Blvd., Wentzville, MO at 6 p.m.

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Duties and Responsibilities

The Planning and Zoning Commission’s duties are to oversee the development, update and adoption of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and to make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen concerning the adoption of Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, individual Rezoning applications, Site Development Plans, Preliminary and Final Plats under the guidance of the Land Use Regulations.

Welcome to the Commission Guide

At the Feb. 3, 2011, regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission of Wentzville, staff was directed to assemble a comprehensive guide regarding the commission. This guide is available to educate the public and may be utilized by a new/existing Planning Commissioner and Board of Aldermen members as a resource for tips and common topics in Planning and Zoning.

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