Landscapes for Rain

Landscapes for RainGet inspired on your own property or common grounds! Here are highlights from a variety of green infrastructure projects around Wentzville that make use of important water resources and even help resolve nuisances and maintenance issues.  

Traditional stormwater management drained water away as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this increase in volume and flow led to two key effects: flooding and stream erosion (ARC 2010). This can be reversed with green infrastructure to benefit our community's health and vitality.

Uniting Built and Natural EnvironmentsGreen infrastructure definitions
Modern approaches aim to rebuild the natural water cycle: soak it in, recharge groundwater and store runoff water for a certain time. Collected water can even be used for irrigation or household supply. Innovative practices, called green infrastructure, include rain gardens (e.g. bioretention basins), infiltration basins, grass swale filters and retention basins. 

Recent projects have been implemented to creatively handle runoff, improve water quality and lessen stream impacts. They  offer residents and businesses learning opportunities as well as shine a light on the future of stormwater management.

Wentzville City Hall

Heartland Park

Demonstration Project: Huntsdale Subdivision Basin

Demonstration Project: Oasis Kwik Carwash

Native Plants & Tips for Your Yard

Monarch Butterfly Habitat



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