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Beginning Nov. 1, 2022 either a pass, Resident or a Nonresident Card will be required in order to enter any Wentzville Parks and Recreation facility. These will eliminate the need for daily visit users to sign in and will allow us to better track attendance at our facilities. Nonresident cards will expire after one year. All passes, Resident and Nonresident Cards will require that guests complete a pass application.

Resident cardResident Cards
Resident Cards enable Wentzville residents to access recreation facilities, recreation programs and classes at discounted resident prices. Cards can be obtained at any Wentzville Parks and Recreation facility. Each resident, ages 2 and up, must have a resident card in order to access the facilities at the resident rate. Resident cards will expire after two years.

The resident card offers the following benefits:
  • Early registration for programs (before nonresidents)
  • Free trees or seedlings at the annual Arbor Day Tree Giveaway (while supplies last)
  • Reduced rates on annual passes, daily admission and City facility reservations
  • Exclusive access to resident-only events
To obtain a Wentzville Resident Card, you must present both proof of identity and proof of residency. Acceptable forms of ID, which MUST** show your current Wentzville address, include:
          •    State-issued Driver’s License •    Missouri ID Card
          •    College Student ID Card  •    Military ID Card

In addition, residents need one of the following with the same address as the photo ID:
          •    An unpaid utility bill •    A personal check with preprinted name and address
          •    A current auto or voter registration card •    A current personal property tax statement
          •    The most recent income tax statement •    A current rental lease agreement

* Resident Cards must be shown to obtain resident rates. 
** If your photo ID does not show your current Wentzville address, you must provide two items with proof of address and your photo ID.

Please note: Wentzville residents are those living within the city limits of the City of Wentzville. City limits and Post Office boundaries are not the same, so it's possible to have a Wentzville address yet live outside the city.

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