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Resident Cards enable Wentzville residents to access recreation facilities, recreation programs and classes at discounted resident prices. Cards can be purchased at Progress Park (968 Meyer Rd.) for $5 per person. Each resident, ages 2 and up, must have a resident card in order to access the facilities at the resident rate. 

The resident card offers the following benefits:
  • Early registration for programs (before nonresidents)
  • One-time free admission to one Parks and Recreation facility
  • Free trees or seedlings at the annual Arbor Day Tree Giveaway (while supplies last)
  • Reduced rates when reserving City facilities
  • Reduced rates on annual passes and daily admission
  • Discounts on many City-sponsored recreation programs and classes
To obtain a Wentzville Resident Card, you must present both proof of identity and proof of residency. Acceptable forms of ID, which MUST** show your current Wentzville address, include:
          •    State-issued Driver’s License •    Missouri ID Card
          •    College Student ID Card  •    Military ID Card

In addition, residents need one of the following with the same address as the photo ID:
          •    An unpaid utility bill •    A personal check with preprinted name and address
          •    A current auto or voter registration card •    A current personal property tax statement
          •    The most recent income tax statement •    A current rental lease agreement

* Resident Cards must be shown to obtain resident rates. 
** If your photo ID does not show your current Wentzville address, you must provide two items with proof of address and your photo ID.

Please note: Wentzville residents are those living within the city limits of the City of Wentzville. City limits and Post Office boundaries are not the same, so it's possible to have a Wentzville address yet live outside the city.

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