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Wentzville Ice Arena


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Skate rental is not included in program or admission fees. Skate rental is $3.

Daily Visits

Public Skate$6$7
Freestyle Skate$10$10
Instructional Hockey$10$10
Adult Drop-In Hockey$10$10
Stick ‘N’ Puck$10$10
Stick ‘N’ Puck (12 and Under)$15$15
Wee & Me$5$5
  • One parent may skate for free with a child participating in either Wee and Me or Stick ‘N’ Puck (12 and Under).

10-Punch Pass

Ice ArenaResidentNonresident
Public Skate$45$55
Adult Drop-In Hockey$85$85
Stick ‘N’ Puck$85$85
  • Ice Arena Punch Passes expire one year after purchase.

The skate schedule for Public Skate, Hockey and Coaching varies daily. Please check the schedule below for the most up-to-date information.

Adjusted Hours and Closures

Adjusted Hours
Thanksgiving Day (Open 8 a.m.-Noon)
New Year’s Eve (Closes at 6 p.m.)
Annual Closures
Easter Sunday
Fourth of July
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

Ice Skating


Public Skate

  • Both hockey and figure skates are available.
  • Our skates range from toddler size 8 to adult size 14.
  • Skates are available in whole sizes only.
  • We recommend that you wear warm clothing including gloves and hats. Children are encouraged to wear helmets and knee pads.
  • Skate-aid trainers are available for use at no charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend that a skating adult accompany the skater using a skate-aid trainer. Adults should only assist the child and not put their weight on the trainer. While using the skate-aid trainer, please demonstrate proper use and courtesy to all skaters.
  • Hockey sticks are not allowed on the ice during public sessions.

Wee & Me

If you need something fun to do with your child age 5 or under, please stop by for Wee & Me. Have a great experience skating around the ice. Skate-aid trainers are available for use at no charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. For questions or more information, please call (636) 639-7600.

Registered Programs


Want to learn how to skate for recreation or learn how to figure skate? These classes are for you. This class will build confidence on and off the ice. Lessons will teach you balance, coordination and the basic fundamentals of skating. Classes are held Thursdays at 4:50 p.m. or 5:20 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:20 a.m. and 11 a.m., depending on age. The cost of the program includes a skate rental, as well as a punch card for the registrant to use for admission into eight public skate sessions. This program is 30 minutes in length.


Ages: 3-6

Snowflake 1: This class teaches the beginning basics of skating. Learning how to fall down and get up off and on the ice. Students will also learn how to march forward.

Snowflake 2: This class builds on the progress from Snowflake 1 and boosts confidence moving on the ice. They will learn building block skating skills moving forward and backward as well as how to glide forward.

Snowflake 3: This class builds on the progress from Snowflake 2 and students will get more involved in skating forward and backward. They will work on the edge work of the skate blades with an introduction to stopping.

Snowflake 4: This class builds on the progress from Snowflake 3 and will work on more advanced edge work. Learning how to stop will be completed in this class. This is also the class you should finish before joining the Learn-to-Play Hockey program.


Ages: 7+

Beginner 1: This is the starter class for skaters who are 7 years old and older who have not skated before. Students will learn how to glide and do basic movements forward and backward. If you have completed Snowflake 1-4, skip this class.

Beginner 2: This class is for students who have completed the Beginner 1 class. This class covers basic forward and backward skating skills, including forward stroking, forward crossovers in both directions and one foot snow plow stops.

Beginner 3: This class covers basic forward and backward skating skills, turning techniques and use of the edges on your skate blades. T-stops are also learned in this class.

Beginner 4: This class covers the basics of freestyle skating, including two foot spins, beginning jump fundamentals and hockey stops.

Adult Workshop

Ages: 16+

This class is geared for our adult skaters and focuses on the basics of skating in addition to some advanced skills.

Preschool Class

Ages: 3-5

This class teaches the beginning basics of skating. Learning how to fall down and get up on their own. Students will also learn how to march forward and play games geared for their age range to help build confidence skating on the ice. This class takes place during public skate sessions.



Stick ‘N’ Puck

Stick ‘N’ Puck sessions are for players to utilize the ice for individual skill work, fun and exercise. Every person participating on the ice must sign in and pay prior to suiting up.

A helmet, gloves and a hockey stick are required; full equipment recommended. Bring your own sticks and pucks. Scrimmaging is not allowed during Stick ‘N’ Puck sessions. Please respect others.

There are two sessions of Stick ‘N’ Puck offered. All Ages invites everyone to come and hone their skills and 12 and Under is for the younger players.

Registered Programs

Learn-to-Skate Hockey

Ages: 4-10

Do you want to get your child on the right path to play in a hockey league? It all starts here in our Learn-to-Skate Classes. These classes will teach your skater the basics of skating geared toward those who want to play hockey. Included in the fee is a jersey and a punch card for the registrant to use for a free public session or Stick ‘N’ Puck.

Level 1: In this level your skater will learn all the basics from falling and recovery to basic hockey stance. They will also learn how to stand and march on their own without assistance.

Level 2: If your skater can stand and move on their own they are ready for this level. Here they will learn basic forward skating strides, basic stopping (snow plow) and backward skating is introduced.

Level 3: At this level skaters will learn how to crossover turns (forward and backward), stopping will be covered more in depth, as well as edge work for turning.

Learn-to-Play Hockey

Ages: 5-14

Check out these classes that are designed to teach you the basics of hockey skills (stick handling, shooting, skating and passing). In order to enroll in this class, your player must know how to skate backward, crossover and stop without running into the boards. They must also be able to skate from one side of the rink to the other and be able to turn in both directions, all without falling. Skaters will be broken into groups on the first day based on age, size and skill level. A report card will be given at the conclusion of the session to show you where your skater excels or needs improvement and will also tell you if your skater needs to enroll again or graduates the program. Included in the fee is a jersey and a punch card for the registrant to use for a free public session or Stick ‘N’ Puck.

Youth Hockey League

Ages: 6-10

Our Youth Hockey League is for players in the 8U and 10U divisions who are either new to hockey or are looking for a recreational team.

Practice Sessions


Freestyle Skate

Do you love to figure skate? Then Freestyle Skate at the Wentzville Ice Arena is for you. On Thursdays from 3-4:30 p.m. you can show off your spins, jumps or even your triple toe loop! This is a great time to practice those ice skating moves and footwork you’ve been wanting to work on. No registration required. Skaters must be at least Freestyle 1 level to attend. For questions or more information, please call (636) 639-7600.

Instructional Hockey

This is your time to get on the ice with your coach and practice your slapshots, snapshots, wrist shots and backhands. For questions or more information, please call (636) 639-7600.

Goalies Only

This session is for goalies only to practice under a coach’s instruction. Full gear is required. For questions or more information, please call (636) 639-7600.


Registered Programs

Playmakers Camp

Players will be taught game skills in game context to help improve problem solving, decision making skills and hockey IQ in a fun and engaging environment. During this three-and-a-half-hour camp, we will challenge players using small area games with constraints, variable training and 3v3 to promote skill development and game transfer. Our goal is to maximize fun, competition and quality repetitions in a variable environment and minimize standing around. Participants must have one year of USA Hockey affiliated team experience.

Contact Prep Camp

Our goal is to prepare players to safely give and receive body checks. Players will learn skills in this three-and-a-half-hour camp to use their body effectively to create advantages while keeping themselves safe. By understanding how to be proactive on the ice, players will be able to use quality contact to their advantage and benefit their team. Participants must have participated at A or B level hockey.

Figure Skating Camp

During on-ice instruction with our coaches, skaters will learn the disciplines of basic skating skills, edges, jumps, and spins, with a portion of time allotted for the skaters’ own practice. Additionally, the camp will feature off-ice conditioning and a segment dedicated to off-ice jumps to introduce more complex skills. Participants must be in Beginner 3, Gamma, or Pre Pre Singles or higher to register for this camp. Skaters should come with skates and tennis shoes for off-ice portions.


Rink Rentals

Please call Meaghan French at (636) 639-2089 or email regarding rental arrangements for the Wentzville Ice Arena. An Ice Arena Facility Usage Application will be required to complete the reservation.

Please check for date availability. Some dates will be unavailable based on programming and holidays.

One-hour Rental Fees

  • $310: August-March, Monday-Friday, 3-10 p.m. and weekends
  • $245: August-March, Monday-Friday, before 3 p.m.
  • $210: April-July