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The Board of Aldermen supports a highly accessible government and encourages community participation on many levels. In an effort to share the progress of the City effectively with the public, the City communicates with its residents and business owners through a variety of mediums. In 2019, the City conducted a Communications Audit, which included surveying residents and gathering detailed information through stakeholder focus groups. The results of this audit were used to create the City's 2020 Communications Plan. The number one way residents get information about the City, is through the City's social media channels. Consider connecting with the City on social media to stay up-to-date about City programs, services, events and more.

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The City communicates in a variety of ways and produces several publications throughout the year, which include valuable information on government operations.

  • The Vision: This is the official newsletter produced by the City of Wentzville. The newsletter is published six times a year and is mailed to all residents and businesses in the City. The goal of the publications is to inform residents of operations, issues, services and projects that have Citywide significance.  

  • Noteworthy: This newsletter is mailed monthly as a utility-bill insert to residents and business owners. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide information on important reminders and upcoming City-sponsored events. Occasionally, Noteworthy is replaced with a timely City flier.

  • Fun Times: This Parks and Recreation brochure is published three times per year.

  • The Biz: This Economic Development publication is produced quarterly for Wentzville's business community.

  • Press Releases: Media alerts and press releases are sent to local media as warranted and are uploaded to the website.

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