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The Tree Committee of Wentzville, Missouri is a volunteer nonprofit committee of the City’s Parks and Recreation Board. The Tree Committee engages the community of Wentzville in protecting its parks and green spaces by inspiring them to plant, nurture and celebrate trees. News, information and education is disseminated to the community by the committee to demonstrate the value trees can provide now and for generations to come.

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Wentzville has been recognized for eleven consecutive years as a “Tree City USA” recipient. In the fall of 2014, Wentzville’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board created a Tree Committee, which reviews the City’s tree and landscape ordinances.

Staff positions that are included on this committee are the Superintendent Park Operations and Horticulturist. If you are interested in serving on the Tree Committee, you may apply by completing the Boards and Commissions Application and specifying that you are applying for the Tree Committee. For more information or assistance, contact the Parks and Recreation Office by calling (636) 332-9236.

Reasons to plant a tree:
          •    Lower energy costs
          •    Cleaner water
          •    Noise buffers
          •    Provide Oxygen
          •    Wind protection
          •    Wildlife shelter
•    Fights air pollution
•    Prevent erosion
•    Increase property value
•    Cultural value
•    Quality of life


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