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The Creative Studio is a place where guests can let their imaginations run wild! It consists of an eSports Lab and Innovation Zone. These spaces allow guests to explore the worlds of gaming, art, pottery, science and so much more.

DSC_0238eSports Lab
eSports (electronic sports) is a world of competitive, organized video gaming and we are thrilled to have a space to offer such a unique opportunity at the WREC! The eSports lab hosts high-end gaming PCs and Nintendo Switch and XBOX Series X consoles. Controllers and gaming peripherals are provided.

All guests must complete the eSports Waiver upon their first visit to eSports.

Applications for renting the eSports Lab can be found here. Please feel free to stop by the WREC during open play to see what the area has to offer.

We host eSports Leagues in partnership with YMCAs and in-house tournaments both primarily centered around Super Smash Bros and Fortnite. Explore the available programs here.

Drop-in Play
Join us on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to give insight into setting up accounts, managing memberships and discovering the opportunities that lie in the world of eSports. Kick back and relax with Drop-in Play, where you can effortlessly dive into the gaming world. Whether you're into PC, Xbox, or Switch games, our hangout space in the eSports Lab is the perfect chill zone. If you've got a STEAM, Origin, Epic Games or any other account, just log in and you're good to go. If you're new to gaming, no worries – our friendly staff is ready to guide you from the moment you step through the door. It's all about good vibes and great games at Drop-in Play!

Admission is $5 for passholders and $5 in addition to the Daily Visit fee for nonpassholders to play. Punch Passes are $30 for 10 visits.

PC Stations come equipped with mouse, keyboard and webcam. Headsets are available to check out for free with entry. Console games and controllers are available to check out for free with entry.

PC Specs
-Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070ti
-CPU: 12th Gen i7, 2100 Mhz
-RAM: 16GB

3D Printing Services
The Creative Studio features two Makerbot Replicator+ units. These units are FDM printers capable of printing machine parts, fidget toys and other pieces with high fidelity. We are now accepting print requests for $1 per 10g of filament. Please allow up to 14 business days for prints. FDM printers print large objects at high resolutions but smaller, more intricate prints may experience lower fidelity.

Details and link to our submission form can be found here.

 Innovation Zone
The Innovation Zone is a place for all things STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math). To view upcoming program offerings including working with clay, creating pottery and even Bricks4Kids programs, please visit the digital Fun Times program guide.


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