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Wentzville Parks and Recreation's athletic programs offer a variety of recreational sports and activities for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a challenge or a way to relax, you will find programs to suit your needs.

You can find current athletic programs in our Fun Times brochure. Please call (636) 332-9236 if you need additional information.


Pickleball Schedule WEB ICON-01 - Copy (2)

2021 - Progress Park Pickleball Schedule

2022 - Progress Park Pickleball Schedule

Youth Volleyball

Game Schedule
League Standings 10-12
League Standings 13-15
League Rules

Adult Volleyball  

If you are an individual interested in joining a team, please email

Co-Rec League Game Schedule Women's League Game Schedule
Co-Rec League Standings Women's League Standings
League Rules League Rules

Youth Soccer League

U4 Game Schedule
U4 League Rules

U6 Game Schedule
U6 League Rules

U5 Game Schedule
U5 League Rules

U7 Game Schedule
U7 League Rules

Soccer WEB ICONS 2020 2-03 Soccer WEB ICONS 2020 2-04

U8 Game Schedule
U8 League Rules
U8 League Standings

U10/U11 Game Schedule
U10/U11 League Rules
U10/U11 Standings

U9 Game Schedule
U9 League Rules
U9 League Standings


COED U121314 - Copy

U12-U14 Game Schedule
U12-U14 League Rules
U12-U14 Standings

ADULT Team Roster WEB ICON-01

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