Annual Slab Replacement Program

In response to resident input, the City’s elected officials have continued to focus their attention on the annual street maintenance program. The City annually reviews all City streets and develops a cost-efficient schedule designed specifically to replace deteriorated concrete slabs based on individual concrete slab conditions. To equitably select these slabs, City staff performs field inspections and uses GPS equipment to identify the street segments that are in the worst overall condition within the City. This information is processed with in-house engineering staff to prepare the annual slab replacement program cost-effectively. Residents are encouraged to use alternative routes around the construction zone whenever possible. Extra attention to changing road conditions is greatly appreciated.

Current Status March 27, 2023 - The City's concrete contractor, M&H Concrete Contractors, is currently working in the Stonemoor and Peine Ridge subdivisions and will be returning to Fox Ridge during the week of 3/27.

2023 Slab Replacement Project Locations

Midland Business Park - Midland Park Drive
Peine Ridge - Lick Creek, Mount Hawley Ct., Searle Ct. 
Stone Meadows - Perry Cate (Henderson to Schmidt, both directions), Donna Marie, John Charles, Ella Drive
Fox Ridge - Fox Creek Dr., Red Coat, Rifle Ridge, Hunt Run
Golf Club of Wentzville - Silo View, Silo Summit, Silo Bend, Silo Valley
Stonemoor - Central Park Ave (West of Golden Gate Parkway), Forest Park Dr., Hyde Park Dr.

The City of Wentzville recognizes the inconvenience experienced by residents during road construction and attempts to expedite the process in the safest and most timely manner possible. We greatly appreciate your patience. Feel free to email with any comments or questions.


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