Downtown Committee

The Downtown Committee of the City of Wentzville is an advisory committee for the purpose of advising and making recommendations to the Board of Aldermen as to transforming the Wentzville Downtown District into a community destination point while striving to protect, enhance, and revitalize the City's historical heritage. 

Member Term
Lois Kessler 2023
Linda Styer 2025
Tara Keune 2023
Deborah Bowman 2025
John Schneider 2023
Brian Nolan-Vice-Chairman 2024
Bryan Harr-Chairman 2023
Archie Harmon 2024
Ald.  Mike Loveall - Alternate 2023


Citizens who desire to serve on the Downtown Committee may apply by completing the 
Boards and Commissions Application. For more information or assistance, contact the City Clerk's office at (636) 327-5101.
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