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Fire Hydrant Decorating Contest

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The City of Wentzville Parks & Recreation Department and Water Division offer a scholarship in recognition of art and water conservation to assist deserving high-school seniors who intend to pursue higher education at an accredited community college, four-year college or university. 

Amount of Scholarship:
$750 to a Holt High School Senior 
$750 to a Timberland High School Senior 
$750 to a Liberty High School Senior 
$750 to a North Point High School Senior 
$750 to a High School Senior enrolled in a private school or homeschool program 

2023's theme will be "Future Dreams." For more contest details, click here.

Congratulations to the Fire Hydrant Decorating Contest winners of 2022! This year's theme celebrated Wentzville's Sesquicentennial.

winners - Copy2022 Fire Hydrant 
We were amazed by the talent and creativity displayed on each of the fire hydrants. Thank you to every individual who entered!

mary - Copy2022 Winners
Mary Wright -Timberland High School

janessa - Copykelci - Copy
Janessa Hoffmann - Holt High School

Kelci Graville - Liberty High School


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