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Location Update for the Electronics Recycling and Document Shredding Event!

The City was informed yesterday that the Electronics Recycling Event will now take place in the North Point Middle School parking lotThe event entrance has also changed. Participants should now access this drive-thru and drop-off event from the North Point Prairie Road entrance. Way-finding signs and volunteers will help guide attendees around the middle school parking lot for electronics and shredding drop-off; vehicles will then exit onto West Meyer Road. Click here to view a map of the entrance and exit for this event. Thank you for helping us make this event as efficient as possible! 

Do you have electronic waste — old phones, broken laptops, worn-out power tools? You can recycle them all at the City's FREE* Electronics Recycling and Personal Document Shredding event on Saturday, Oct. 21 from 9-11:30 a.m.

Aside from keeping electronic waste out of our landfills, electronics recycling helps conserve our natural resources and save money. Help us keep our local landfills free of electronic waste and join us for this drive-thru-and-drop-off style event at North Point Middle School, located at 2275 W. Meyer Rd. 

This event is open to individuals and families residing in the City of Wentzville; no businesses, please. Almost anything with a plug is accepted FREE for this electronics recycling event, but *some items (such as TVs and items containing Freon) will incur a fee. To view a list of accepted (and not accepted) items and those with a fee, please click here.

Personal shredding is limited to six “Bankers Boxes” (or the same size) OR three 13-gallon (kitchen-sized) garbage bags, per vehicle. Please note: Participants should ONLY shred items with personally identifiable information. Items that DO NOT contain personally identifiable information should be recycled directly in your curbside recycling cart.

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