Wentzville Parkway South Extension Phases 1 and 2

Phase 1:
The interchange improvements to Wentzville Parkway at I-70 will remove the existing eastbound on-ramp and fold it to move the ramp terminal to the outer road. Traffic southbound on Wentzville Parkway attempting to head east on Interstate 70 will make a right turn at the south outer road (Veterans Memorial Parkway), and then a U-Turn at a proposed roundabout to access the interstate. This configuration allows the predominant movement at the interchange, southbound to eastbound, to be performed through a series of right turns, rather than a left turn at a signalized intersection. The relocations of the eastbound on-ramp also allow for a longer acceleration lane for this movement in advance of a curve along the interstate.

May 2019: Notice to Proceed was issued to the design consultant.

March 2020: Preliminary Plans approved by MoDOT.

August 2020: Right of Way Plans approved by MoDOT. 

January 2021: Right of Way Acquisition has continued and will anticipate a late Spring/ Early Summer Construction Contract Bid.

Anticipated Construction to Begin Spring 2021/ Summer 2021.

Phase 2:
The Wentzville Parkway South Phase 2 improvement project will build upon the Wentzville Parkway South Phase 1 project by extending Wentzville Parkway South to Interstate Drive. The proposed cross-section will include a two-lane cross-section with curb and gutter and curb inlets along the east side of the roadway and an improved shoulder on the west side that will drain to an open ditch system. The cross-section will allow for future expansion to a five-lane cross-section when traffic demands call for it. The proposed project also proposes to build a 6-foot sidewalk along the east side of the roadway that will connect to the recently constructed Interstate Drive Trail. Also proposed as part of this project is the construction of a grade-separated crossing at the Norfolk Southern Railway.

May 2019: Notice to Proceed was issued to the design consultant.

January 2020: Preliminary Plans completed.

August 2020: Right of Way Plans completed and the land acquisition process has begun.

Anticipated Construction to Begin Spring 2022

For question regarding this project please contact Tony Gambaro, Senior Project Manager
at Anthony.Gambaro@wentzvillemo.gov


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