Golf Cart Guidelines

25mph - CopyIn 2021, Wentzville's Board of Aldermen amended an ordinance regarding the operation of golf carts on City streets. Federal guidelines, Missouri state law and local ordinances like this one set guidelines for the operation of golf carts while maintaining a focus on protecting the driver and passengers of golf carts and pedestrians. It is important to note that vehicles classified as ATVs and UTVs are not included in this amendment and may not be operated on City streets. To read the full ordinance, please click here. Below is a quick look at the rules of the road as they apply to golf carts operated within Wentzville city limits you can also watch this short video for a quick overview.

How is a golf cart defined?

When can a golf cart be operated?

Where can a golf cart be operated?

Who can operate a golf cart?

What equipment is required for a golf cart to operate within Wentzville city limits?

What is a golf-cart lane?

How will this ordinance be enforced in Wentzville?


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