Wentzville Parkway South Extension

The City of Wentzville is planning a new roadway to serve the community's and the western St. Charles County region's future transportation needs. The proposed roadway, designated as the Wentzville Parkway Extension, would provide a new connection between Interstate 70 and Highway N. The scope of the project will engage the public in developing solutions and to accurately define land needs for future construction of the project and to preserve said land prior to future development. The term "Corridor Preservation" is a means authorized by Missouri State Statute 226.950 for securing and maintaining land for a future roadway project. Upon the chosen alignment it is the goal of the City to minimize the right-of-way takings and utility relocations.
     This project is divided into two phases, both of which are currently in the design process. The first phase includes improvements on Veterans Memorial Parkway, which will improve traffic flow through the construction of a roundabout to the west of Wentzville Parkway as well as increase the length of the eastbound acceleration lane onto I-70. This project is funded by the City of Wentzville, St. Charles County and Federal CMAQ dollars. The project is anticipated to begin construction in 2021. Phase 2 will include the extension of Wentzville Parkway South over the Norfolk Southern Railroad via a grade-separated bridge. This project is being funded by the City of Wentzville and St. Charles County.
     The project is anticipated to begin construction in 2022. 


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