Law Enforcement Center Basin Gets a Facelift & New Purpose

LEC Post-Rain Inspection 3-2-2012 007 for website

Project Background

The storm drainage system at the Law Enforcement Center was designed to carry water from adjacent buildings and parking lots to a detention basin that provides flood control for downstream properties. Similar to most traditional stormwater facilities, concrete pipes and turf grass was used. As rain washes over these areas, it carries pollutants such as oil, metals, trash, and other auto fluids into the basin and directly into a stream that leads to Dry Branch Creek. 

New Purpose

In 2011, the City worked with volunteers and students to convert this area into something more with the help of a grant from  Department of Natural Resources. The purpose of the detention basin retrofit project was to control erosion and install over 500 native plants to help soak up rain and pollutants before the water leaves the site. The water flows over rocks and filter fabric, which helps slow the erosive power of runoff, and allows water to infiltrate into the soil where it recharges the groundwater system. 

*Please note that this basin will be removed as part of the City Hall project.  It still serves as a great demonstration of how common grounds and properties can use basins creatively.  

LEC Biofilter Video Tour

Video tour showing the native plant biofilter project at the Law Enforcement Center in Wentzville, Missouri.

This project is partially funded by US EPA Region 7 through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (Subgrant G11-NPS-07) under the Clean Water Act.


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