Student Civic Action Projects

A partnership between local schools, General Motors, Earth Force and the City of Wentzville creates opportunities for young people in our community to learn about watersheds in which they live and use that information to better our local waterways. Through this program, students work with community experts, local organizations, and mentors from General Motors and the City of Wentzville to improve our community.

This Earth Force project-based learning system develops communication and teamwork skills as well as encourages excitement in studies of science, mathematics, engineering and social studies.

In 2019, fifteen sixth grade classes in the Wentzville School District completed the Earth Force program. The number of partnerships the students cultivated this year was equally as plentiful and diverse as the projects themselves. As a whole, the students worked with partners like Missouri Department of Conservation, Allen’s Tree Service, other local businesses, the
Wentzville School District staff from many different departments, the City of Wentzville and multiple homeowner associations. The students learned that they can have a positive impact on their community, but they also know how to motivate and included other community members.

The tabs below detail the process as well as projects completed by Wentzville sixth-grade students. 

Earth Force's Six Step Process

Lakeview Elementary School Projects

Heritage Intermediate Projects

Wabash Elementary Projects

2018 Highlights

2017 Highlights

2016 Highlights


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