Starting Your Business in Wentzville

Thank you for choosing the City of Wentzville for your business! The mission of the City of Wentzville's Economic Development Office is to enhance the economic vitality of Wentzville and maintain its outstanding quality of place. This is accomplished through the retention and expansion of existing businesses and by attracting new businesses like yours to the community. We are here to help you at any step along the way!

Use the drop-down menu below to view the City's "Starting Your Business in Wentzville" checklist. To access a PDF of the checklist, please click here. For a list of important numbers, see below or click here. If you have questions, please contact the Economic Development Office by calling (636) 327-5101 or emailing

STEP 1:  Setting up your business

STEP 2: Making contact with the City

STEP 3: Completing all the necessary applications

STEP 4: Setting up your services

Wentzville Fire Protection District Requirements

Important Phone Numbers - City of Wentzville

Important Phone Numbers - Economic Development Partners

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