Business Survey (2023)

The City of Wentzville conducted its first-ever business survey in early 2023 as part of its effort to assess how well the needs of its businesses are being met. The City retained ETC Institute, a national leader in market research specializing in local government organizations. The survey was conducted through mail and online channels. The survey results were analyzed to identify areas of success and areas needing improvement. To view the comprehensive survey results, click here.

Perceptions of Doing Business in Wentzville

  • 95% of respondents consider Wentzville an "excellent" or "good" place to do business.
  • 96% of businesses view the City as business-friendly.
  • Satisfaction levels: 98% were satisfied with the city's image, 95% with the quality of life, 89% with safety, 88% with services, and 86% with retail/entertainment offerings.
  • The lowest satisfaction was in terms of value for City taxes and fees, at 69%.
  • The top three important focus areas for businesses are safety in their area, overall city safety and the physical appearance of their business area.

Satisfaction With City Services

  • Among businesses that used specific services, all were satisfied with public incentives requests.
  • Satisfaction was high with police response, stormwater drainage, and water services (94%), and with economic development (91%).
  • Top three service priorities for the next two years: street maintenance, police response and economic development.

Rating the Workforce

  • Businesses rated the education/technical skills of workers (51%), quality of workers (41%), stability of workers (36%) and worker availability (35%) as "excellent" or "good."

Satisfaction With Jobs and Economic Development

  • 77% of businesses were satisfied with job opportunities within Wentzville.
  • 61% were satisfied with career training opportunities for Wentzville residents.

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