Planning & Zoning Frequently Asked Questions

What is the zoning for a particular property?

Can I open a business out of my home?

How would I go about annexing my property into the City of Wentzville?

Where can I find the Covenants and Restrictions of my subdivision?

What are building setbacks?

How can I find out the building setbacks for my lot?

I would like to add an accessory structure (swimming pool, detached garage, deck, etc.) to my property. What are the limitations for such structures?

I would like to place an off-premise sign advertising my business, service or organization, along city streets or on other property. What are the City's requirements concerning this type of signage?

I would like to have an event (picnic, festival, etc.) at my church or business. Does the City allow such events and if so, what are the requirements?

What is a public hearing?

What are the guidelines for fencing?

What does "grandfathered" mean?

Can I build a gravel driveway?

Are the City's Codes and Ordinances online?


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