City Hall (636) 327-5101
Parks and Rec (636) 332-9236

Parks and Recreation Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Recreation Shannon Smallwood Recreation Manager - Aquatics, Ice & Fitness (636)639-2186
Recreation Patrick Logel Recreation Manager - Sports & General Programs (636)639-2084
Recreation Mackenzie Miller Recreation Coordinator - Concessions and Parties mackenzie.miller@wentzvillemogov._ (636)639-2086
Recreation Rick Pratt Recreation Supervisor - Ice Arena (636)639-7602
Park Operations Billy Roll Superintendent Park Operations (639)639-2058
Park Operations Mike Barker Maintenance Supervisor (636)639-2090
Park Operations Robert McDaniel Horticulture Manager robert.mcdaniel@wentzvillemo.gor (636)639-2181
Administration Mike Lueck Director of Parks and Recreation (636)639-2080
Administration Shelley Fischer Superintendent Business and Technology (636)639-2081
Administration Meaghan French Administrative Support Supervisor, Ice Rentals (636)639-2089
Administration Hannah Logsdon Marketing and Communications Supervisor (636)639-2159
Administration Jim DuBois Park Planner/Project Manager (636)639-7549
Administration Dave Kuppler Assistant to the Director (636)639-7559
Administration Kate Whaley Recreation Facility Operation Manager (636)639-2082
Recreation Xander Garcia Recreation Coordinator - Fitness (636)639-2093
Administration Liz Harris Administrative Support Coordinator (636)639-7548
Recreation Alyssa Groeteke Recreation Manager - Special Events & Programs (636)639-2085
Administration Kimberly Pilkington Recreation Services Specialist/Rentals (636)639-7633
Recreation Danny Seelye Recreation Coordinator - Aquatics (636)639-7630
Recreation Andrew Rivers Recreation Coordinator - Sports (636)639-7631

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