Property Maintenance Inspections

Each year, the City works with property owners and neighborhoods to address nuisance properties and housing violations. To help protect Wentzville homeowners’ investments and ensure property values remain stable, the City conducts annual property maintenance inspections between April and September, with inspections beginning April 1.

By remaining attentive to ensure all Wentzville properties are suitably maintained, we can all work together to continue to make Wentzville a desirable place to live and work. If you have a property maintenance issue, please enter a concern using the City's Concern Center or call (636) 327-5101. Inspectors will verify the concern within 72 hours and respond back upon your request. Concerns may be filed anonymously.

Here are a few reminders about what is and is not required of Wentzville homeowners.

  • Solid-waste cans should never be left at the curb for more than 48 hours. The City does allow cans to be stored outside, but not at the curb. Please check with your HOA for the specific guidelines in your subdivision regarding solid-waste cans.
  • The City requires permits for a variety of home additions, including all decks, sheds over 120 square feet, retaining walls over 36 inches tall and pools over 24 inches deep. This includes portable pools with flexible or nonrigid sidewalls that use a structural frame. Pools that are emptied and stored away when not in use, have less than 24 inches of water depth and do not have a circulation system do not require permits. To learn more about permitting, please call (636) 327-5101. 
  • Your grass does not have to be cut every week, but cannot be over eight inches tall. To report grass or weed growth over eight inches tall, please call (636) 327-5101. Please note: cultivated gardens and flowerbeds can grow to any height.
  • Derelict vehicles and out-of-service equipment may not be stored out-of-doors on a residential property.
  • Outdoor furniture and children's outdoor toys are not required to be picked up unless they are damaged or pose a safety concern.
  • Dirty siding (mildewed, unwashed or graffitied) may be a violation, and property owners may be required to clean it. However, faded vinyl shutters or color choices are not a violation of the City's municipal code.
To read Wentzville's municipal code, please visit click here.

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