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Milestones March 2021

Wentzville PR Master Plan Cover - Copy

Parks and Recreation Master Plan Started

Needs analysis, inventory and condition of existing facilities, recreation programming plans and sustainability/ maintenance of current facility inventory.


Multiple Stakeholder Meetings

Identified community need for additional indoor recreation space for fitness, aquatics, and educational programs.

Multigenerational Recreation Center Feasibility Study Started

Study market potential, sustainability, programming needs and space allocation, potential operating costs, and develop site analysis criteria.

Market Assessment Cover

Stakeholder Meetings Feasibility Study Started
Further verification of community need for indoor recreation spaces and a basic program space recommendation was established. The recurring message the public gave us was the desire for a new/modern fitness facilities, indoor aquatics space, senior center, enhanced youth and adult programming capabilities.

Development Partnership

Retail developer approached the City about potentially partnering on a development to bring additional retail, entertainment, residential and recreation amenities to the City.

Development Agreement

Wentzville Board of Aldermen approved a Development Agreement with Wentzville Bend Development LLC for the creation of additional retail and recreational development including funding for a new community Multigenerational Recreation Facility.

NBSConstruction Manager Selection
Wentzville Board of Aldermen approved an agreement selecting Navigate Building Solutions, LLC, to be the Construction Manager for the Multigenerational Recreation Facility and for approval of a Construction Management Services.


HastingsSelection of Design Architect
A steering committee comprised of Park and Recreation Board members, City staff and consultants met, reviewed and recommended qualified architects to lead the design process for the Multigenerational Recreation Facility. The Wentzville Board of Aldermen approved an agreement selecting Hastings+Chivetta Architects to lead the design process.

Naming Process
The Wentzville Parks and Recreation Board approved a process for formally naming the new Multigenerational Recreation Facility. A list of six potential names were presented to the Wentzville Parks and Recreation Board. They selected two to the Wentzville Board of Aldermen and a community survey was then conducted to select the final name.

Facility Name Approved (January)

Wentzville Board of Aldermen approved the facility name to be the community chosen name, Wentzville Community Center.

Conceptual Design Presented (April)
Design team presented the initial conceptual design for the Wentzville Community Center to the Wentzville Board of Aldermen.

Schematic Design Approved (May)
Wentzville Board of Aldermen approved the schematic design for the new Wentzville Community Center.

Wentzville CC_ENTRY VIEW_200610

Design Development Phase (June)
The preliminary design will be developed further. Continue to gather public and staff feedback that will be used to help craft a final design.

Construction Documents and Bidding Process (July-September)

Selection of General Contractor (January)

Approval process required for selection of general contractor to lead the construction process.

Construction Starts (March)

Facility Name Changed (March)
Board of Aldermen approved that the name be changed to Wentzville Rec Center due to trademarking concerns.

Groundbreaking for Wentzville Rec Center (March 24)

Grand Opening (To Be Announced)


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