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Wentzville Rec Center & Wentzville Bend Project FAQs

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What is the Wentzville Rec Center?

Who is the Wentzville Rec Center for?

Where will the Wentzville Rec Center be located?

What amenities will the Wentzville Rec Center include?

When will the Wentzville Rec Center be complete?

What is the project status of the Wentzville Rec Center?

How was the name Wentzville Rec Center selected?

What will the hours of operations be for the Wentzville Rec Center?

What will the cost of an annual pass or daily visit be?

How does the current design of the Wentzville Rec Center compare to other recreation centers in the area?

Where can I find a copy of the Recreation Facility Feasibility Study?

How do the Feasibility Study program components compare to the current design?

Who is leading the design process for the Wentzville Rec Center?

How is the Wentzville Rec Center going to be funded?

What is a CID?

How is a CID approved? Who gets to vote?

How much is the CID tax?

How much revenue will be generated? How is the CID revenue divided between the City and the developer?

What activities do the CID revenues fund on the private portion of the development?

Are CIDs and other incentives common for private development projects?

Where is the Bend project located? What is going to be built on the property?

Who is the private developer for the Wentzville Bend Project?

When will the private development (retail, etc.) be completed?

What businesses are going to locate in the retail development?

What other public improvements will be built?

How do the tax rates in Wentzville compare to surrounding communities? What has been the trend for the property tax rate in Wentzville?


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