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Recommended Trees for the City of Wentzville
(Wentzville Tree Committee Tree Recommendation List October 2018) 
Sugar MapleRiver BirchWillow OakBald Cypress
Large Trees (50 feet or more)
•  Sugar Maple
•  Red Maple
•  River Birch (no White/Paper Birch)
•  Gingko (Male Only)
•  White Oak
•  Willow Oak
•  Bald Cypress
•  Kentucky Coffee Tree
Thornless Honey LocustKindred Spirit OakColumnar European HornbeamSassafras
Medium Trees (35-50 feet)
•  Thornless Honey Locust
•  Sweet Bay Magnolia
•  Trident MapleState
•  Street Maple
•  Crimson Spire Oak
•  Kindred Spirit Oak
•  Regal Prince Oak
•  Wildfire and Green Gables Blackgum
•  Columnar European Hornbeam
•  Pond Cypress
•  Little Volunteer Tulip Tree
•  Sassafras

Washington HawthorneFlowering DogwoodRedbudLilac
Small Trees (less than 35 feet)
•  Thornless Cockspur Hawthorne
•  Washington Hawthorne
•  Imperial Honey Locust
•  Flowering Dogwood – Shade areas
•  Flowering Crabapple – disease resistant varieties
•  Saucer Magnolia varieties
•  American Hornbeam
•  American Hornbeam ‘Native Flame’
•  Hop Hornbeam
•  Redbud varieties
•  Lilac tree varieties
•  Serviceberry varieties
•  Kousa Dogwood Varieties – Shade areas
•  Parrotia – tree form only

Not Recommended Tree List
•  Green and White Ash
•  Ornamental Pear
•  Russian Olive

For a downloadable version of the Tree Recommendation List, click here.

For more information on our Tree Committee, please click here.


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