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Heartland Park Field Rental

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Please call Patrick Logel at (636) 639-2084 or email to reserve a field.  You can view the Field Rental Policy for more details.

$125                  Full Field (per hour)
$95                     Full Field (500+ hours per hour) See page 3 in the Field Rental Policy for more details.
$75                     Half Field (per hour)
$800                  Full Day (open to close)

Field Rental (NATURAL GRASS)
$50                     Full Field (per hour)
$30                     Half Field (per hour)
$350                  Full Day (open to close)

Additional or optional services and fees
  • Scoreboard ($15 per hour):  Covers the cost for the usage of electronic scoreboards.
  • Field Manager/Custodial ($40 per hour):   If determined by both the city and the tournament director that additional staff is needed, it shall be the responsibility of the tournament director to cover the cost of the city employee to work the event.
  • Field marking ($125 per occurrence):  Covers the cost of any additional lines that need to be painted on the fields for an alternative field setup.
  • Outside vendors ($100 per day/flat fee):  All outside vendors and vendor locations must be approved by the city. Each vendor must provide their own supplies (i.e. tables, chairs, portable tents, extension cords and offsite storage) to operate their booth. The tournament/league host or vendor shall pay the City a $100 per day fee prior to the beginning of the contracted event.
*Prices subject to change. Rates reflected are as of Jan. 6, 2020. 

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