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Peruque Valley Park Field Rental

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PVP Rental - Copy

Please call Patrick Logel at (636) 639-2084 or email to reserve a baseball field. You can also view the Baseball/Softball Facility Usage Application  for rental pricing and general information regarding athletic fields.

Practice Rates
$20                    Field (per hour)
$15                    Lights (per hour/with field rental)
$35                    Full Field Prep (per occurrence)

*All practice rates will include the field "as is". There will be not be any field preparations (dragging, lines or placement of bases) unless the $35 full field prep fee is paid at the time of the reservation.

Tournament Rates
$175                 Field (per day)
$150                 Portable 200' Fencing (per field)
$15                    Drying Agent (additional per bag)
$10                    Pitching Machines (per game)
$35                    Full Field Reset (per occurrence)
$15                    Re-chalk (per occurrence)
$25                    Re-drag (per occurrence)
$30                    Field Maintenance Staff (additional)
$100                 Outside Vendors (per day, must be approved)
20%                   Holiday Fee

*Please see page 3 of the Athletic Facility Usage Application for details on tournament  rates/deposits. Prices are subject to change. Rates reflected are as of Jan. 6, 2020.



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