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CURBSIDE FIBER COLLECTION IS NOW AVAILABLE! To learn more about the new optional program, click here. To sign up, please visit



What's Changing?
The recycling industry has faced significant challenges in 2018. These challenges have warranted several changes in recycling collection for cities around the world, especially “single-stream recyclers” like many cities in the St. Louis region.

China, which had been the world’s largest importer of recyclables, no longer accepts single-stream recyclable materials from the United States. Changes must now be made, as China was the primary market for single-stream materials. Because of this world-wide impact, Resource Management’s Earth City Materials Recovery Facility notified Meridian Waste, Inc. (the hauler for the City of Wentzville) that they will no longer accept single-stream recyclables collected curbside from our residential customers. As a result, there are several important changes to your recycling service. Here's a quick breakdown of the changes from Meridian Waste, Inc. Additional information will be sent out to customers directly from Meridian Waste, Inc. Wondering about why this change is happening or if your rates will change? Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Wentzville residents can OPT-IN to recycle both RIGIDS and FIBER at the curb. Fiber will be collected curbside every other week at a rate of $2.50/month (RIGIDS will continue to be collected weekly at no additional cost). When you sign up for the curbside fiber collection program, you will receive a smaller cart for your weekly rigid pickup and the hauler will convert your current recycling cart to a FIBER-only cart.

RIGIDS – plastics and metals – will continue to be collected weekly, while FIBER – cardboard and paper – will be collected every other week. If you would like to participate in the FIBER curbside recycling program, please call (636) 327-5101.

SCHEDULE: If you've already opted-in to the curbside FIBER program, you can view the collection schedule (calendar) here.

Please keep in mind, the curbside FIBER program is completely optional. Items can continue to be taken to drop-off sites around the City. View drop-off site locations and additional frequently asked questions below.


Meridian Waste Inc. has placed containers at several recycling drop-off sites for Wentzville residents. These sites will serve as collection locations for glass, cardboard and mixed paper. Mixed paper includes newspapers, magazines, junk mail, computer paper, telephone books, etc. (Note: Please do not include wrapping paper, as it typically includes a coating or metallic features.) By separating our streams we are able to decrease contamination, thereby allowing us to increase our recycling rate overall. Thank you for your commitment to recycling in Wentzville! For a map of the drop-off site locations, please click here.

• 802 E. Pearce Blvd. (behind the Water Tower)
• 15268 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. (next to the BP Gas Station) 
• 1019 Schroeder Creek Blvd. (adjacent to the Law Enforcement Center)
St. Charles County's Recycle Works West (2110 E. Pitman Ave.)


What's accepted for curbside collection?

What's no longer accepted at the curb?

Why all of the changes?

Where can I drop off items no longer collected curbside?

Will my rates change?

What if I don't want to recycle anymore, can you pick up my cart?

Can I request an extra trash cart?

I will have too much trash now. Can I schedule a second-day track pickup?

Do I need to bag my recyclables or separate them?

Is this only change only occurring in Wentzville?

What if I'm not sure if an item is recyclable, or not?

Where are my recyclables going?

What else can I do to be more green/sustainable?

Why is there now a charge for curbside FIBER collection?

Where can I find a FIBER collection schedule?

How many carts could one household have?

What about glass?


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