West Meyer Road Phase III

West Meyer Road Phase III

Project Status:

 January 27, 2017: City of Wentzville entered into an agreement with Oates Associates (Designer) for consultant/professional services for West Meyer Road Phase III.

 January 31, 2017: City of Wentzville issued Oates Associates Notice to Proceed to begin design work for West Meyer Road Phase III.

 February 3, 2017: Land Survey Notifications sent out to residents in the area for notification that surveyors would be in the area gathering information.

 March 2017: Designer began working on conceptual plans

 September 2017: Designer began working on preliminary plans and right of way plans and expect to submit to City for review in early 2018.


February 9,2018: City sent out 60-Day Right-of-Way (ROW) notification letters and donation letters to affected properties.
Consultant design engineer Oates Associates has submitted Priliminary Plans and ROW plans and is continuing to work toward 70% plan submittal in spring 2018 and final plan submittal fall 2018.

February 22,2018: Utility Coordination meeting scheduled, with necessary utility relocations to take place later in 2018, after ROW is acquired.

March 15, 2018: Public Meeting tentatively scheduled for this date at Wentzville City Hall. (formal notice will go out soon)

September 17, 2018: Pre-final plans submitted to City for approval
October 2018: Design Consultant continuing to work on final plans and bid documents. City working on right-of-way acquisition and utility relocations. Right-of-way acquisition anticipated and utility relocation is anticipated to continue through 2019. 
March 2019: City continuing to work on the right-of-way acquisition of adjacent property owners. City also working on finalizing utility relocation plans.
October 2019: Ameren Gas to begin relocations and updates to their system ahead of roadway construction.
Current Construction Status: Currently anticipate to begin roadway construction Fall 2020.



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