Wentzville Parkway South Extension

Supplemental Corridor Study

Description:  A consultant is providing additional analysis to supplement the Wentzville Parkway South Extension Corridor Study completed in early 2013.  A corridor alignment that is supported by the local governments and citizens is essential for the corridor preservation process.  The intent of the study is to engage the public in developing solutions and to accurately define future construction costs of the project and preserve land prior to future development.

The City of Wentzville in cooperation with the County of St. Charles have coordinated to supplement the initial Study to consider an at grade railroad crossing, improvements to the Wentzville Parkway Interchange, traffic signal optimization and traffic flow improvements from Veterans Memorial Parkway to the traffic signal in front of Home Depot.  In summary, the objectives of the Supplemental Study are to establish a feasible, cost effective and locally supported interchange with Interstate 70, determine the feasibility and cost of an at grade crossing for the Norfolk Southern Railroad, and recommend traffic flow improvements of the section of Wentzville Parkway immediately north of the Interstate 70 interchange.

Status:  The Supplemental Corridor Study is complete. An open house was held on January 21, 2016 to engage the public for additional comments regarding the proposed alignment. Final comments from the meeting and MoDOT were incorporated into the study which is been provided in the link below. Thank you for the positive feedback and continued involvement

2016 Supplemental Corridor Study

2012 Original Corridor Study


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