Stormwater Facilities

The function and appearance of stormwater facilities may differ, but their overall purposes are similar: to capture, clean, enhance infiltration into the ground, and/or release stormwater at an approved rate to control downstream flooding. Collectively, there are more than 300 stormwater facilities in Wentzville that help manage over 13 billion gallons of rainfall received, providing flood protection and improving water quality in accordance with state and federal laws. 
BMP facility

Ownership & Maintenance

Annual maintenance and inspections are important to ensure the stormwater facilities are performing these tasks as designed. Generally, the City owns and maintains public infrastructure (i.e. residential piped infrastructure repair or blockage removal) and the property owner is responsible for private infrastructure and grounds maintenance (i.e. mowing, removing sediment/trash, or pond dredging).

What Type of Stormwater Facility Do You Have?
Traditional detention and retention basins provide flood control for our community. Newer stormwater quality facilities are also designed to treat runoff from development in accordance with the Clean Water Act. These newer facilities have a recorded Stormwater Facility Maintenance Covenant that outlines the owner’s responsibilities. In addition, an Operation and Maintenance Plan was created to guide maintenance activities specific to your site. These stormwater quality facilities require an annual inspection to be submitted to the City by the property owner, see tabs below.

If you have questions about your facility type, maintenance or inspection requirements, or if you are interested in onsite inspection training, please contact the Stormwater Division at (636) 327-5101.

What are Stormwater Quality Facilities?

Stormwater Quality Facility - Required Annual Inspections

Other Detention or Retention Basin - Inspections Recommended



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