Stormwater Projects

The City of Wentzville provides stormwater management to meet the needs of our residents and customers.  Clean streams and lakes and managing flood control are a few of the goals we achieve for the community.

Current Projects

Victoria Park Ave. Stormwater Improvements    

Project Description:

This project upsized several single curb inlets to double curb inlets, added a trench drain and a small section of pipe to help reduce street ponding during heavy storms. 

Project Updates:
Construction was completed in the fall of 2023. 
                     Victoria Park Ave. Storm Evaluation IMG_8518

ARPA Projects
Federally-funded projects across the historic downtown area will replace or rehabilitate deteriorated pipes and make improvements to system capacity and maintenance access issues. Engineering design is slated for spring/summer 2024, with construction to be completed by the end of 2026.

E. Pitman Ave. - Oates Associates is finalizing the project design to reduce street flooding during intense rains. (4/10/2024)

Cheryl Ann Ave., Michael Ave., Meyer Rd., Piligrim Ave. - Design work with consulting firm Intuition & Logic, Inc. begins in spring 2024. Bax Engineering is conducting existing conditions surveys within the project boundary. (4/10/2024)
                     ARPA Stormwater Projects - 602 E Pitman
For questions, please contact Jamie Paige, Stormwater Manager at (636) 639-2055.

Completed Projects

Citywide Hydrologic Assessment    Pearce Blvd. Stormwater Pipe Replacements
2022 City Boundary & Streams   CMP 3
As part of the City's Comprehensive Plan goals, and with state DNR grant funding,  hydrologic modeling helped to evaluate current and future 'built-out' stormwater management needs and impacts on stream channels. (1/2023)     Repair work included replacing a deteriorated
storm line and infrastructure in the vicinity of 
102 E. Pearce Blvd. Deteriorated stormwater Pipes were replaced near Cheryl Ann Dr. and Carr St. (Summer 2022) 
Heartland Park    Brian Ct. Utility Stabilization, Phase II
P1010826   011

Pervious pavement, athletic field biofilters, a native meadow, and parking lot bioswales help filter pollutants from runoff before it gets to the park's seven-acre lake. The lake forebay traps mud and trash coming with runoff from 500 acres of development along I-70 and Wentzville Pkwy. 

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  Construction is complete with composite revetments, grade controls and sanitary line encasement to stabilize infrastructure compromised by eroding creek banks.



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