Contest Adds Art to Parks



The contest was created and organized by sixth-grade students from Wentzville Middle School who wanted to make a difference in our community through a program called Earth Force. To learn more about this and other student-led civic action projects, please visit the GREEN project homepage.
The students had many partners in the first two years of the projects including the Friends of the Wentzville Parks, GM, Earth Force and the City of Wentzville. The goal was to tackle litter in our city and parks. The contest has been a great success and thanks to the Wentzville Parks and Recreation Department; the contest continues today! This summer 23 art-clad trash cans decorate our park and inspire visitors to keep our City clean.
The art-clad trash are placed in City parks throughout Wentzville. Try to find them all!

Try to find all the decorated cans in these Wentzville parks!
Heartland Park (HP)           Splash Station (SS)           Peruque Valley Park (PVP)             Progress Park (PP)

2018 Contest Winners and Runner Ups

2017 Contest Winners and Runner Ups


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