Dry Branch Watershed 319 Project

Dry Branch Watershed: Clear Stormwater and Green Parks

Wentzville was awarded $748,015 to support nonpoint source pollution prevention projects through 2015. This project identified pollutants and sources, and prioritizes and constructs solutions for our community. The Dry Branch Watershed included areas predominantly north of I-70 that drain to McCoy Creek. 

The project addressed nonpoint source (NPS) water pollution (i.e. oil, trash and other contaminants that rainwater runoff picks up along its route to drainage ways), as opposed to point source pollution that flows directly from a pipe or easily identifiable location. Because NPS pollution comes from a variety of sources over a wide area, preventing it from getting into our waterways is particularly challenging. 

319 Project Overview

319 Project Maps

This project was partially funded by US EPA Region 7 through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (Subgrant G11-NPS-07) under the Clean Water Act. The City matched $500,000 for the total $1,248,015 project costs. 

Project Highlights


Dry Branch Watershed Management Plan


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