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Local businesses and industry play a vital role in pollution prevention. Environmental benefits are not the only reason for incorporating runoff controls into commercial development. You can realize an increase in property values from aesthetically landscaped controls and beautification of areas adjacent to waterways and detention ponds. Commercial property owners also see lower vacancies, lower tenant turnover, and higher rental prices.

Make a difference in Wentzville by...

Preventing Pollution - Pick up or sweep litter routinely and clean up chemical spills instead of washing them down a storm drain.  Sediment, litter, and chemicals are all potential sources of pollution that impact our local waterways. 

Trying Innovative Best Management Practices:

  • Alternative Pavers and Porous Pavement
  • Infiltration Basins and Trenches
  • Bioretention (Rain Gardens)
  • Inlet/Catch Basin Inserts
  • On-Lot Treatment
Using Low Impact Development (LID) and Other Green Design Strategies, EPA

Integrating low impact site design techniques from the LID Center - treat, store, and infiltrate runoff onsite before it affects water downstream.

Understanding the Economic Benefits of Runoff Controls (EPA, 1995)

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If you're interested in free stormwater quality assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at (636) 639-2055.  The City can offer resources to help train your employees, and/or a site visit and free technical guidance for better stormwater management and pollution prevention.  You may also be interested in the Speaker's Bureau.


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