David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2D (Goodfellow Road/North Outer Road to West Meyer Road)

David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2D will be a north-south roadway of approximately 5,500 linear feet along an existing 100-foot wide City of Wentzville right-of-way corridor. Once completed, this roadway will help alleviate congestion and convey motorists to and from Interstate 70 to West Meyer Road. This project will complete the final segment of David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2. 

April 2014: The U.S. Department of Transportation (Federal Highway Administration) approved the City’s proposal to design and construct a new interchange along the I-70 corridor as part of the David Hoekel Parkway designated as Phase 2A, B, & C. The interchange project is expected to be completed Summer of 2021. Phase 2A, B, & C included the interchange at Interstate 70 and a realigned North Outer Road as well as the intersection of David Hoekel Parkway and Goodfellow Road/North Outer Road. The David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2D project will begin at this intersection and proceed north to tie in with West Meyer Road.

December 2018: The City retained the services of a design firm to evaluate this David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2D corridor and provide the City with conceptual plans, cost estimate, traffic circulation report, and a sound wall analysis. During this Phase 2D corridor evaluation, the City evaluated whether the previously recommended four-lane median-divided configuration identified within the David Hoekel Parkway Environmental Assessment that was completed in November of 2014 was still valid for initial construction or if a reduced two-lane cross-section might instead be adequate to serve the anticipated future traffic volumes. The report confirmed that David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2D’s ultimate cross-section shall provide a four-lane median divided cross-section as previously recommended by the David Hoekel Parkway Environmental Assessment but current and near-future traffic volumes only require a two-lane cross-section to be built at this time. As a continuation of the current David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2C project (Interstate 70 north to Goodfellow Road), the traffic circulation report also confirmed that building the eastern half of the ultimate roadway cross-section (the northbound lanes) with northbound and southbound left-turn lanes at both Bear Creek Drive and Kruger Park Court intersections was recommended until traffic volumes require the additional two lanes (the southbound lanes) to be constructed.   

February 2020: The City entered into a funding agreement with the St. Charles County for the final design and construction of David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2D project. Currently, the City is anticipating a schedule to follow:

  • Design - 2020
  • Construction
    • Grading and Storm Sewers - 2022
    • Roadway - 2023

June 2020: Design Notice to Proceed issued to the design consultant.

April 2021: Public Meetings

David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2D - Location Map

David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2D - Conceptual Plans

David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2D - Traffic Noise Study


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