David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2: I-70 Interchange

Project Description- David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2 ABC -  North Outer Road & I-70/David Hoekel Parkway Interchange Grading Project.

The project consists of the construction of a relocated North Outer Road, new MSE wall and grading for the future Interstate 70 and David Hoekel Parkway interchanged including paving, concrete sidewalk, concrete curb ramps, paved approaches, pavement markings, lighting, ITS, MSE Wall and outer appurtenances.

Fall 2019- North Outer Road open to traffic and project substantially complete.

Project Description- David Hoekel Parkway Phase 2 ABC -   I-70/David Hoekel Parkway
Interchange Project.

The David Hoekel Parkway & Interstate 70 Interchange Project shall consist of grading of
eastbound ramps, construction of bridges over Interstate 70 and the Norfolk Southern Railroad,
and paving of David Hoekel Parkway and interchange ramps.

April 2020 – 
Project Awarded to Lehman Construction LLC.

June 2020 – 
Work began on Eastbound I-70 with Temporary Barrier Wall and Storm Sewer

August 2020 – 
Submittal and Approval of MSE Wall Shop Drawings to begin production of
precast concrete panels and steel reinforcement components.

November 2020 – Veterans Memorial Parkway was closed between South Point Prairie Road and Schaper Road. The signed detour is the use of I-70 between Hwy W and Wentzville Parkway.  St. Charles County recently completed Interstate Drive extension between South Point Prairie Road and Schaper Road, this is an alternative route as well.

January 2021 – Crews are continuing to work on the MSE Walls along I-70 and Veterans Memorial Parkway for the construction of the Eastbound I-70 ramps. The construction of the bridge over the Norfolk Southern Railroad has begun.

Full Interchange anticipated to be completed by Fall 2021. 

For question regarding this project please contact Tony Gambaro, Senior Project Manager
at Anthony.Gambaro@wentzvillemo.gov


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