Public Skate

Admission is $6 and skate rentals are an additional $3.

Both hockey and figure skates are available.
Our skates range from toddler size 8 to adult size 14.
Skates are available in whole sizes only.  

We recommend that you wear warm clothing including gloves and hats. Children are encouraged to wear helmets and knee pads.

Skate-aid trainers are available for use at no charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend that a skating adult accompany the skater using a skate-aid trainer. Adults should only assist the child and not put their weight on the trainer. While using the skate-aid trainer, please demonstrate proper use and courtesy to all skaters.

Hockey sticks are not allowed on the ice during public sessions.

Stick ‘N' Puck

Stick 'N' Puck sessions are for players to utilize the ice for individual skill work, fun and exercise.

$10 per one hour session

 Every person participating on ice must sign in and pay prior to suiting up

  • Helmet, gloves and a hockey stick are required; full equipment recommended
  • Bring your own sticks and pucks
  • Scrimmaging is not allowed during Stick 'N' Puck sessions
  • Please respect othersIce Skates

Learn-to-Play Hockey

Learn to Play consists of 40-minute classes that incorporate shooting, passing, and stick handling while improving on skating skills. Learn to play equipment requirements are helmet with cage, hockey gloves, elbow, shin and shoulder pads, hockey pants and hockey stick. Limited equipment is available for rent.
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Learn-to-Skate Hockey

The Learn-to-Skate 30-minute classes are designed for the little guys and gals to learn the basic skating skills necessary to play the game of hockey. These skating skills will be developed through 6 or 8 week sessions with the emphasis on FUN. Three sessions of Learn to Skate are recommended - additional classes may be required before advancing to the Learn to Play Hockey Level. Learn to Skate equipment requirements are a helmet, hockey gloves, elbow pads, knee pads and hockey stick is optional. Limited equipment is available for rent.
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Skaters will learn the fundamental skills of skating as well as more challenging skills as they progress through the curriculum. These levels introduce forward and backward skating, forward and backward crossovers, stops, edges and turns. Skaters will progress at their own rate once they have mastered the skills at each level. Click here to register!

Party Package

  • Packages are for up to 10 skaters
    • Additional Skaters: $10
  • Birthday child skates for free
  • Parties are held during Public Skating Sessions
  • $100 Includes:
    • Reserved Table Area
    • 4 Pitchers of Soda
    • Paper Products (plates, cups, napkins and plastic spoons)
    • You may bring cake and ice cream. No other food or drink may be brought into the facility
  • Payment due in full at time reservation is made
  • No refunds on Party Packages
  • Call (636) 639-2086 for more details

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