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To view your citation or to make payment towards your citation, if eligible, please follow the below instructions.

Your citation may be eligible for Plead and Pay.  An automated system has been set up by the State of Missouri, allowing you to plead guilty to a traffic citation without having to appear in Court.

Please Note:  NOT all citations are eligible for this service.

To view your citation and/or to see if your citation is eligible for payment, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Select net to search for your citation (You may search by your name or your citation number)
  3. Search for case in: Select the 11th Judicial Circuit (St. Charles County)
  4. Enter your citation number or your name
  5. Select - Find
  6. Select – Your citation number
  7. If your citation is eligible for Payment out of Court, a Plead and Pay button will be located in the middle of your citation, with a total amount due.
  8. If the Plead and Pay button is not located in the middle of your citation, this citation is NOT eligible for payment out of Court. You must appear in Court.

You are not required to plead guilty.  You are presumed innocent and have the right to a trial, to present your case.

If you decide to plead guilty and make a payment, then you will not need to appear in Court for that citation specifically.  Please note that if you have more than one citation and you are unable to plead guilty and pay all of them online, then you are required to appear in Court.

If you choose to Plead Guilty, you will forfeit your ability to contest the citation in Court.

You may also mail your payment to the Court to the following address:

City of Wentzville Municipal Court
1001 Schroeder Creek Boulevard
Wentzville, MO 63385

You may write your money order, check or cashier’s check to the City of Wentzville.  Please write your citation number on the money order, check or cashier’s check.

Or call the Court at 636-639-2193 to make a payment over the phone.


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