Property Tax

Missouri law sets the assessment ratio for personal property at one-third of true value throughout the state. Real properties (land and buildings) classified as commercial and industrial, are assessed at 32%; residential 19%; and agricultural 12% or true or fair market value. The local property tax rate is an aggregate of school, city, county and state levies expressed in tax per $100 assessed valuation. Commercial and industrial real property is assessed an additional county surcharge designed to replace revenues lost by the tax exemption of business inventories. 

Assessed values are established by the County Assessor’s Office.  For further question regarding assessments please contact the St Charles County Assessor’s Office.  Questions on taxes not related to the City portion or Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NID’s) contact the St. Charles County Collector’s Office.  Questions on the City portion and NID’s call the City Finance Office at (636) 327-5101. 
Link to County Assessor
The following is a breakdown of the 2021 tax rate for the City of Wentzville and St. Charles County:  
COUNTY:      STATE   $0.0300        
COUNTY   $0.0000        
ROAD/BRIDGE   $0.1988        
SCHOOL   $5.0416        
COLLEGE   $0.1908        
LIBRARY   $0.1908        
FIRE   $0.7299        
AMBULANCE   $0.2573        
DEV. DISABILITY   $0.1223        
DISPATCH & ALARM   $0.0382        
CITY:            GENERAL   $0.5843        
PARK   $0.0572        
    $0.6415  / $100.00 ASSESSED VALUATION
TOTAL   $7.4412  / $100.00 ASSESSED VALUATION


              RESIDENTIAL                                  19% OF APPRAISED VALUE
              COMMERCIAL                                 32% OF APPRAISED VALUE
              AGRICULTURAL                              12% OF APPRAISED VALUE
              PERSONAL PROPERTY                  33 1/3% OF TRUE VALUE

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