Historic Downtown Wentzville Intensive Level Architectural Survey

The City of Wentzville is conducting an Intensive Level Architectural Survey which includes your property. Peckham Architecture, with assistance from Adam Flock Design, both headquartered in Columbia, MO, is the consultant team selected to complete the survey. This process will require the team to photograph and research all structures within the survey area, including all private residences, civic buildings, commercial buildings, garages, sheds, etc. This is an intensive level survey, but survey activity will not require surveyors to enter private property. All work shall be completed from the public right-of-way; typically, the sidewalk, street or alley. A map, which identifies the boundary of the survey area, can be found below (click the map for a full-scale version).
CIRCLE-WEB-Wentzville Reconnaissance Survey Map final
A notice was mailed to those impacted to call your attention to the survey team’s upcoming work as well as the opportunity to get involved in your community. Any knowledge, photographs, historian activities, or research of the survey area would be helpful to be communicated in one of the upcoming public information meetings. This meeting will occur on April 27 at 6 p.m. during the Wentzville Downtown Committee meeting at Wentzville City Hall (1001 Schroeder Creek Blvd.). All owners of property within the subject boundary are invited to attend — as well as the general public.

The consultant team along with the City of Wentzville is very pleased to be able to fully research the history of our community and generate this intensive level survey. Historic preservation is an important part of maintaining our historic buildings and resources. The City of Wentzville looks forward to working with the consultant team and property owners to best complete this historic architectural survey.

For additional information, please contact Ben Motil in the Wentzville Economic Development Office at (636) 639-2015 or Ben.Motil@wentzvillemo.gov.


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