Planning and Zoning Training and Review Manual

Welcome and thank you for using the City of Wentzville's Planning and Zoning Training and Review Manual.  At the February 3, 2011 regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission of Wentzville, staff was directed to assemble key documents and data into a comprehensive manual.  This manual on Wentzville's website is hereby available as a resource to educate the public and may be used by a new Planning Commissioner or our existing Planning Commissioner's and Board of Aldermen members as an ongoing resource.  Provided below are key documents available, which we hope you find helpful and informative.

To more easily use the below information, the City has created a brief description associated with each of the below training documents that will help a user to navigate to a particular document or a particular part of the training to help find an answer or learn about that documents content.  If you need assistance or have questions while exploring this site and documents available, please contact the Planning Division at (636) 639-2032.

Zoning and Subdivision Book
The Zoning Regulations and Subdivision Regulations provide the legal requirements for the use of land, what land uses are allowed per zoning district, performance standards such as setbacks, height, design requirements, law and procedures for review and approval processes, rules for the subdivision of land and floodplain development regulations.

Comprehensive Plan
This document contains an overview of the City's history, characteristics and trends, demographics, and chapters detailing transportation, land use, parks and recreation and economic development.  The plan is a primary policy document used by the City to guide and manage growth and development.

Welcome to the Commission Guide

Information found within this guide contains tips for a Commissioner, as well as details on common topics.

This link provides all of the various application forms available to do business with the City of Wentzville.  These applications are not specific to the Planning and Zoning Commission duties, but to all City business.

This link will send the user to the application page, where brochures are available associated with Annexation, Rezoning, Site Plan and Plat Review and all of the various application processes available to the City's customers.

This link will provide the user a schedule for the current year's submittal dates and the corresponding Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Aldermen meeting schedule.

Planning and Zoning Member List
This link provides the current Planning and Zoning Commissioners, including their ward representation and term limits.

Power Point Training Presentations
Training slides are provided under the below links, accomplished in the years of 2006, 2007 and 2010.

2006 Training
2007 Training
2010 Training

Training DVD
The City recorded this August 2006 training video which is available to view via these links.

August Training Video Part One

August Training Video Part Two

Four key maps used by the Planning and Zoning Division staff and Planning and Zoning Commission are provided below by clicking on the title. Also provided is a link to the City's Geographic Information System (G.I.S.), where data layers are abundant for the user in the Wentzville area.

Comprehensive Plan Land Use Plan
Zoning Map
Thoroughfare Plan
City Limits Map
Wentzville G.I.S. - Interactive Map Site


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